The Blessing of the Gate.

At the end of yesterday’s sermon, I read this poem by Jan Richardson. Some of those present asked that I share it here. Blessing of the Gate Press your handto this blessing,here alongthe sidewhere you can feelits seam. Follow the seamand you will findthe hingeson whichthis blessing turns. Feel howyour fingerscatch on them—top,bottom,the slightest pressuresending the gategliding openin a glad welcome. Wait, did I saypress your handto this blessing? What I meant waspress your handto your heart. Rest it over thatplace in your chestthat has grownclosed and tight,where the rust,with its talentfor making decaylook artful,has bitten intowhat you onceheld dear. Breathe deep.Press on the knotand feel how itbegins to give way,turning uponthe hingeof your heart. Notice how itopens wideand wider stillas you exhale, spilling you outinto a realmwhere you never dreamedto gobut cannot now imagineliving this lifewithout. — Jan Richardson This blessing appears in Jan’s book, The Cure for Sorrow: A Book of Blessings for Times of Grief.

Adoption, a personal story

Parish fellowship met by Zoom in April. By popular demand Maddie’s talk is being shared here, for those who weren’t able to make it on the night in question. Maddie’s light-hearted approach enthralled all who were there.