Serving St Ternan’s…

If you would like to get involved with the day to day life of St Ternan’s Banchory, there are all sorts of ways in which you can offer your time and talents. This is also one of the quickest routes to getting to know others in the church.

The church building and grounds are much loved here at St Ternan’s. To keep the place in good condition, numerous people are involved in maintaining the fabric of the building, the general tidiness, the brass and wood in well-polished states as well as the grass, flowers and trees as part of our care for creation. If you have talents in any of these areas, we’d be delighted to set you to work!
If you enjoy singing and like the discipline of belonging to a committed, well organised team, then the choir might just be the place for you. Our choir master is Lord Glenarthur (Simon to the choir). He has many years of experience singing in as well as conducting choirs. He also serves as one of our organists. The choir undertakes a varied range of music from hymn-singing to anthems, and the choral chants required for Evensong and Matins. The choir enjoys working alongside other choirs for grand occasions or big diocesan events.
For refreshments on Sundays after the 11 o’clock service, a team helps to prepare, serve refreshments and clean up, so folks can stay after church to get to know each other a bit better. There’s always room for an extra someone on this rota. Serving after service coffee is an excellent way to get to know people.
There are regular opportunities to show off your soup making skills too!
If you are a flower grower or arranger, your flowers and talents can be put to god use!
Please let us know how you would like to be involved!
A wide team of people read the lesson and Gospel each Sunday
and some of these with others welcome those arriving for each service. 
A small team of people have received training and guidance to lead intercessions.
We currently have two sacristans who take it in turns to set the altar,
maintain the linens, elements and other church consumables.