Protecting Vulnerable Groups

Here at St Ternan’s, in order to provide a safe as well as an inclusive environment, we adhere to the strategies and policies for safeguarding set out by the SEC.

Ministry to children, young people and vulnerable adults is a cherished and important part of the work of the Scottish Episcopal Church.   Every week, substantial numbers of vulnerable people visit church premises for worship or for social and recreational activities.   Much of the Church’s ministry to them is only possible because of the dedication of the large numbers of volunteers who place their time and talents at the service of the Church.

We cannot ignore that there are some individuals in our society who represent a threat to the vulnerable.   To recognise that the Church is not exempt from that threat is not to scaremonger, nor is it to suggest that those involved in a paid or voluntary capacity with such work are under suspicion.   Rather, it reflects our desire to provide as safe and as happy an environment as we can in which the vulnerable can enjoy and explore Christian commitment.

The policies, codes of practice, information and advice in these pages are intended to assist in implementing the Church’s policies on promoting a safe environment for all who access the Church’s services but, in particular, those in our Church communities who are most vulnerable.

The Policy Statements and Codes of Good Practice recognise the special status of children, young people and vulnerable adults and the duties that are required of the Church in respect of them.   Implementation of the Codes of Good Practice is intended to give vulnerable people the care and protection they deserve and it should give those with the day to day responsibility of caring for the vulnerable the reassurance that all individuals are safe and protected in the Church’s groups and activities.   It will also help safeguard the Church’s staff and volunteers from false allegations that might arise out of misunderstandings and it should reduce the risk of the Church being found liable for circumstances of abuse.

Useful resources

Safeguarding Handbook

The full policies and information made available for vestries can be found here.

Vulnerable Adults

Click above for a summary card of policies for the protection of vulnerable adults.


Click above for a summary card of policies for the protection of children